About Trinity

Trinity College is, in some ways, a traditional New England college. We teach the liberal arts and sciences on a beautiful, 100-acre campus with classic collegiate architecture. But in other ways, we are undeniably unconventional.

At Trinity, we believe in independent thinking. We stand for it and we teach it. So you can pursue engineering and minor in art. You can chase a career in politics and also cultivate a love of biology. We’ll help you pursue whatever path piques your interest. And though your time here will require hard work, the effort will be well worthwhile.

We provide a real-world education. We offer for-credit internships, research opportunities, community-based learning, study away, and groundbreaking centers and programs that allow you to participate in academic pursuits that have lasting impact.

Even with all our innovative offerings, our faculty remain the most important aspect of our academic curriculum. Our 9:1 student-faculty ratio gives our 2,200 students important access to teachers. So you won’t only find professors delivering lectures. You’ll see them working with students in laboratories and libraries, on research and on publications. Because we find that when you let students follow their passions, it can lead to incredible things.

Visit Trinity and see for yourself. Contact us or visit our campus for a tour.